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Archive for November, 2009

My dog’s a cleptomaniac!!

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We went to Petfood Express yesterday for a bath. They have the greatest system for bathing dogs….raised tubs and a choice of shampoo. Hair dryers. I like to go there because I can leave all the cleaning up to them!

On the way in, we passed a stand of pig’s ears. Caira Sue popped one right out of the stand and in front of her! She’s NEVER done that before!

I put it back and continued to the register to get my towels and token for the bath. Bath given, dog is clean and smells fresh.

Of course afterwards we walk around the store to look for treats and see what’s new. Caira likes to look for places where bags may have inadvertantly popped open and spilled a few kibble. She’s always cleaning up for the staff!

We pass by another aisle with little rawhide sticks…the kind for chihuahuas. She took one of those for half an aisle! What! She usually ignores these things!

We walk over to help my father-in-law who is trying to fit his neurotic terrior into a new harness. Insanity ensues (that’s not unusual if the neurotic terrior is involved). The staff don’t care about the terrior, they are busy oooooing and aaaaaing over Caira Sue. She got plenty of treats for doing next to no tricks.

We go to pick up a cat toy–all of a sudden I notice Caira Sue has a pig’s ear! Where did she get the pig’s ear?!?! TWO AISLES AWAY! She’s not chewing it-like she knows it’s not hers…she’s just carrying it!

My dog is an official cleptomaniac. 3 times in one trip, when she’s never done this before. And yes, I bought her a treat for the ride home anyway. I’m such a sucker.

I don’t have any pictures of her stealing items from the store, so here’s an artsy one my friend took of her in the redwoods.


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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

LookinupOur friend came to visit from New York and we decided to take her to see a few redwoods. We know to truly see the redwoods in all their glory you have to go WAY far north, but we didn’t have time for that. We went to Armstrong Woods near Guerneville. Lucky for us, our friend is from NYC, so it’s ALL nature to her!

Actually, it was a very lovely day. Caira walked the trails with us, until we were told dogs couldn’t walk on the trails-ooops. We can’t help it that we ALL missed the sign, can we? Here’s a shot of me and Caira playing in the knots:

MandCredwoodsI think the pine forest was really easy on her feets…she kept trying to pull us faster! I’ll bet if she had been off-leash we would have lost her to the pines.

InsprWe later met up with some friends in Jack London Square at Heinhold’s first and last chance. If you’ve never been there, it’s really quite a treat. Caira sat outside and got her ears scratched by EVERYONE! We met a very large brindle pit there who spent the whole time talking to her-literally! We couldn’t stop laughing as he kept saying “arooooo-arooooo-oooooo-oooooo. oooooo-oooooo-rawroooooo” It was seriously like a speech he had prepared. His dad kept saying “can’t we just sit here and enjoy a nice cup of beer?” ha! The bartenders are really nice there too. They always have fresh water on the patio for dogs and come out with treats! Talk about Caira finding her new true love! Blast that I didn’t have a camera to take a picture of that!

November Tripawd Party

CairaandTravisCaira Sue made a couple new friends today. Here she is with Travis Ray. Let me tell you about Travis Ray.


He is in the German Shepherd Rescue and needs a home. He’s an 11 month old, absolutely beautiful guy with the best disposition. I saw him play gently with a little dog and around kids. He was really great.

TravisandlildogAnyway, we made friends with another tipawd as well, Maggie. She’s the tiniest tripawd I’ve ever met! She has her own chariot to take her to parties!

MaggieWe didn’t think Maggie was going to explore much, given her propensity to lay about in sunbeams, but this girl went on a little adventure across the grass to go meet some new people too!

shelby loves ballsShelby girl loves her balls. Here she’s doing a little dance to grab one from her dad. At one point this beautiful petite princess has 7 tennis balls around her! She’s amazing! Oh yeah, and there’s Travis Ray working the public. Off to the right you see this terrier mix who came to meet us, but really just barked a lot.

ShelbyandadSpeaking of Shelby, I had to put this picture in of her running with her Dad! Check out those ears! She’s a happy girl!

CairarestingResting. Ain’t she purty?

WhoaWe wanted to put the biggest and littlest tripawd together. I think Cemil is 140# and Maggie is 18#. I love the look on Maggie’s face as she looks up at Cemil, “Whoa!!” Also, check the paws out, too cute!

someone's missingWe were trying to get all the tripawds to line up. Ok, I have 12 pictures of this idea! But I love this one. There’s 4 in place, and it’s so clear Cindy is saying “Shelby should go right HERE.”

IMAG0025Ok, so here’s the real lineup. Cemil, Shelby, Maggie, Caira Sue and Travis Ray. Oh yeah, and a few Parents in there too!

Mary's kidsThis is all Mary’s kids. Cemil did a few loops of the park-he was a regular politician, making sure he spoke to everyone there! I won’t try to spell the other two’s names…look for that in the comments section! Just know that she’s the tiniest tripawd owner, with the biggest tripawd! And all her dogs are very nice to hang out with.

AdamandChuckJust ask Adam!

heading across the parkAnother shot of the park and Mary’s kids.

Shelby's wagonThis is what it looks like when it’s time to leave. Isn’t this great? Shelby rides in her little wagon while her servents pull her and lug all her belongings! I love the tail hanging off the back!

Thanks everyone for such a great day in the park!

Dog friendly patios? Alright!

Tomate CafeWe went to a cute little Berkeley cafe today. I had been here before and noticed a dog. I looked at the website

and decided they must really like dogs as much as they like good food! Caira Sue made lots of friends hanging out on the patio.  She also got a lot of head scratches. Of course, she enjoyed helping her favorite friend, Pop, with his crossword puzzle.

After this little adventure, she went on a walk around Berkeley. This is always exciting because there are lots of dogs there. Lots of dogs=lots of bushes and trees to sniff! Oh the things she sniffed! IF only she could tell us!

That’s it. Another nice day with Caira Sue, traveling around the bay area and looking for people to love on my 3 legged dog.

No Ball? No problem!

Yesterday I had to go to an early acupuncture appointment. I had given Ms. Caira Sue no indication she was going anywhere. I hadn’t touched a leash, her harness or anything I normally take with her on a car trip. But for some reason she had it in her head she was going with me. She followed me to the door dancing with a great big smile on her face. She actually did a tripawd twirl and spun around several times!

I told her I wasn’t going anywhere interesting. She smiled and jumped and twirled and said “I don’t care! I’m going on a road trip! I’m going on a road trip!”

I told her she would be stuck in the car for an hour. She smiled and jumped and twirled and said “I don’t care! You are taking me on a road trip!”

I told her it was no place for dogs. She stomped her feet. I swear. She used that voice that only a 7 year old can use and said “But I WANNA go! Why can’t I go00000000?!?!?!” (Stomp Stomp).

So I took her with me. My acupuncturist came out after my appointment to meet her and (as Caira was bounding around her feet) started giggling and said “she never needed 4 legs, did she? That was just extra!” Yep.

Then I took her for a walk along the waterway. Nothing fancy, but it’s next to the office. There’s a nice little gravel path and I noticed a few other dog owners with their dogs. I let Caira off leash.

Caira Sue did her “I’m a dork” act. She’s done this since she was a puppy. She gets so excited about chasing a ball, she will run in front of you….backwards….jumping….up and down…in your face with the stupidest of happy looks on her face. It took her about 6 weeks after her amp to start that up again. We had kinda hoped maybe she’d let the “I’m a dork” act go after the surgery. I mean, she’s really too big to be jumping in your face, backwards, while you walk on a trail! Oh well.

So, we are walking and she is doing her “I’m a dork” act. She keeps saying “OK! Throw the BALL! Throooooooow the BALLLLLL!” Here’s the problem. I don’t have a ball. I forgot to bring a ball. Really. I know. It’s pretty pathetic. Everyone who knows Caira Sue knows I must have been completely MAD to forget a ball.

I tell her, “I have no ball. Go, just be a dog. Go, run and sniff things.” But she keeps up the “I’m a dork” bounce. I stop. She stops in anticipation. I say “GO! I don’t have a ball!” She looks at me and turns and runs down to the water.

Finally. I can walk! I took 6 steps, maybe 7. Here comes Caira Sue with a wet, soggy, perfect tennis ball. She plops in at my feet and just looks up with the biggest, happiest of grins.

Problem solved.