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Archive for November 30, 2009

My dog’s a cleptomaniac!!

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We went to Petfood Express yesterday for a bath. They have the greatest system for bathing dogs….raised tubs and a choice of shampoo. Hair dryers. I like to go there because I can leave all the cleaning up to them!

On the way in, we passed a stand of pig’s ears. Caira Sue popped one right out of the stand and in front of her! She’s NEVER done that before!

I put it back and continued to the register to get my towels and token for the bath. Bath given, dog is clean and smells fresh.

Of course afterwards we walk around the store to look for treats and see what’s new. Caira likes to look for places where bags may have inadvertantly popped open and spilled a few kibble. She’s always cleaning up for the staff!

We pass by another aisle with little rawhide sticks…the kind for chihuahuas. She took one of those for half an aisle! What! She usually ignores these things!

We walk over to help my father-in-law who is trying to fit his neurotic terrior into a new harness. Insanity ensues (that’s not unusual if the neurotic terrior is involved). The staff don’t care about the terrior, they are busy oooooing and aaaaaing over Caira Sue. She got plenty of treats for doing next to no tricks.

We go to pick up a cat toy–all of a sudden I notice Caira Sue has a pig’s ear! Where did she get the pig’s ear?!?! TWO AISLES AWAY! She’s not chewing it-like she knows it’s not hers…she’s just carrying it!

My dog is an official cleptomaniac. 3 times in one trip, when she’s never done this before. And yes, I bought her a treat for the ride home anyway. I’m such a sucker.

I don’t have any pictures of her stealing items from the store, so here’s an artsy one my friend took of her in the redwoods.


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